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infection protection

Due to the corona pandemic, we have introduced the following rules in our hotel:

The obligation to test is based on the regulations applicable to our industry.


In order to reduce contacts to a minimum, rooms are cleaned after 5 nights.

Intermediate cleaning can be carried out on request. We ask our guests to stow all personal belongings in the cupboards and to coordinate the appointment with the reception.

Change of towels   take place on request.

Garbage accumulated in the room can be disposed of in the container in the hotel courtyard or handed in at the reception.

After departure, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and aired.



Regular disinfection of all surfaces that our guests touch (at least 3 times a day - after use).

Disinfection of the tables in the restaurant after each use.

Before entering the restaurant, we expect our guests to thoroughly disinfect their hands. There are dispensers with disinfectant in the rooms, at the reception and in the toilets.


These rules can be adjusted at any time and the most recent version must always be applied.

We apologize for any restrictions for our guests.


We strive to ensure you have a safe holiday.

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