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Bad in der Ostsee



In the area there are many possibilities for holiday planning. Depending on the season and the weather, you can swim, sail, surf, cycle, hike and much more


Our Vinetastadt Barth is a state-approved resort.


Mid-September to mid-October is the best time to see cranes .

At the moment we do not offer our own rental.

If necessary, please contact:


Bicycle rental and workshop Pantel

Hunnenstr. 15 (Wallstrasse entrance)
18356 Barth


More information:_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ https://www.


The tennis club TC-Blau-Weiß Barth eV offers our guests the opportunity to use the tennis facility in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

The facility can be played from May to October.
When renting at the hotel, the following prices apply:


Space per hour  = 12.00 euros - ID required

Tennis rackets and balls are included on request.


Constantly changing exhibitions characterize this small but well-known museum in our city.
The staff of the Vinetamuseum look forward to your visit


In the 22-hectare park landscape, birds and animals from all continents are shown in spacious and naturally designed facilities.
The Marlow Bird Park is a real recommendation for all nature-loving visitors.


Low German Bible Center     Barth

Crane Information Center   Groß Mohrdorf

Theater Bart

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